Workshop equipment | Tools, general | Tool trolleys/cupboards [WKN]

Tool numberDesignationOrder numberInfo
VAS 276 005Container for removed partsASE27600500000
VAS 276 003Tool trolley, smallASE27600300000
VAS 276 001Tool trolleyASE27600100000
VAS 6835Workshop trolley XXLASE48550100000
VAS 6834Workshop trolley XLASE48550000000
VAS 6760StorageASE48500500000
VAS 6625Suspended shelf system, basic moduleASE41716180000
VAS 6625/1Suspended shelf system, side extension moduleASE41716380000
VAS 6625/2Suspended shelf system, parallel extension moduleASE41716480000
VAS 6500Perforated board frame type A, without perforated boardASE46585101000
VAS 6500/1Perforated boardASE46585201000
VAS 6500/2Stand, row assemblyASE46585301000
VAS 6500/3Stand, corner assemblyASE46585401000
VAS 6500/4Tool tray, smallASE46585501000
VAS 6500/5Tool tray, largeASE46585601000
VAS 6501Perforated board frame type B, one sided perforated boardASE46585701000
VAS 6502Perforated board frame type C, double sided perforated boardsASE46585801000
VAS 6503Wall bracket with 1 perforated board frame, without perforated boardASE46585901000
VAS 6504Wall bracket with 1 perforated board frame, with perforated boardASE46586001000
VAS 6505Wall bracket with 2 perforated board frames, without perforated boardASE46586101000
VAS 6506Wall bracket with 2 perforated board frames, with perforated boardASE46586201000
VAS 6514Tool tower, open, with perforated boardsASE46587101000
VAS 6516Trolley with angled perforated board frame, with perforated boardsASE46587301000
VAS 6518Trolley with vertical perforated board frame, with perforated boardsASE46587501000
V.A.G 1698AContainer for removed partsASE40629601000
V.A.G 1347/7AMounting hooks, type AASE44013001000
V.A.G 1347/7BMounting hooks, type BASE44013101000
V.A.G 1347/7CMounting hooks, type CASE44013201000
V.A.G 1347/7DMounting hooks, type DASE44013301000
V.A.G 1347/7EMounting hooks, type EASE44013401000
V.A.G 1347/7FMounting hooks, type FASE44013501000
V.A.G 1347/7GMounting hooks, type GASE44013601000
V.A.G 1347/7Mounting hooks, type HASE44013700000
V.A.G 1347/7Mounting hooks, type IASE44013800000
V.A.G 1347/9Plastic label holderASE44012500000
V.A.G 1347/11ScrewsASE44012200000
V.A.G 1347/12Nuts/boltsASE44012001000
V.A.G 1347/13LSpecial tool stickersASE44014009000