Workshop equipment | Electrical and electronic systems | Instruments/gauges [WFE]

Tool numberDesignationOrder numberInfo
VAS 642 001Test instrument/DSO adapter (8 pin)ASE64200100000
VAS 6778Optical control unitASE40520100000
VAS 6720Repair set, aerial cableASE44207400000
VAS 6720/1Wire stripping tool RTK-031ASE44207500000
VAS 6720/2Crimping tool RTK-031ASE44207600000
VAS 6720/3Wire stripping tool RG 174ASE44207700000
VAS 6720/4Crimping tool RG 174ASE44207800000
VAS 6223BFibre-optic conductor repair setASE44206002000
VAS 6223/4Brass contactsASE44206500000
VAS 6223/5Protective caps for fibre-optic cable and brass contactsASE44206600000
VAS 6223/6Cable set connector, innerASE44206700000
VAS 6223/7Cable set connector, outerASE44206800000
VAS 6223/8Protective cap for control unitASE44206900000
VAS 6223/9Protective cap for cable connectorASE44207000000
VAS 6223/10Pliers for corrugated tube installationASE44207100000
VAS 6223/11Cutting device for pliersASE44207200000
VAS 6186AOptical replacement control unitASE40520001000
V.A.G 1675ARelay pliers setASE45147301000
V.A.G 1675A/1Relay pliersASE45147401000
V.A.G 1675A/2Relay pliersASE45147501000
V.A.G 1675A/3Relay pliersASE45147601000