Workshop equipment | Electrical and electronic systems | Diagnosis [WFC]

Tool numberDesignationOrder numberInfo
VAS 5582Test instrument adapter/DSO (6 pin)ASE40904200000
VAS 5577Test instrument/DSO adapter (4 pin)ASE40902300000
VAS 5576Test instrument/DSO adapter (2 pin)ASE40902200000
VAS 5573Test instrument/DSO adapter (5 pin)ASE40901900000
VAS 5572Test instrument adapter/DSO (6 pin)ASE40901800000
VAS 5571Test instrument adapter/DSO (2+3-pin)ASE40901700000
VAS 5570Test instrument adapter/DSO (3 pin)ASE40901600000
VAS 5566Test instrument adapter/DSO (4 pin)ASE40901500000
VAS 5565Test instrument/DSO adapter (5 pin)ASE40901400000
VAS 5262Test instrument/DSO adapter (5 pin)ASE40901300000
VAS 5261Test instrument/DSO adapter (5 pin)ASE40901200000
VAS 5259Test instrument/DSO adapter (2 pin)ASE40901100000
VAS 5260ATest instrument/DSO adapter (6 pin)ASE40901001000
VAS 5258ATest instrument adapter/DSO (4 pin)ASE40900901000
VAS 5257Test instrument adapter/DSO (3 pin)ASE40900800000
VAS 5256/1Test instrument adapter/DSO (2 pin)ASE40900700000
VAS 5256Test instrument adapter/DSO (2 pin)ASE40900600000
VAS 5255Test instrument adapter/DSO (2 pin)ASE40900500000
VAS 5103ALambda probe adapterASE40900200000
VAS 6298USB extension cable with earthing connectorASE40860000000
VAS 6154Diagnosis interface W-LANASE40543100000
VAS 6154Diagnosis interface USBASE40543100001
VAS 6154ADiagnosis interface CAN-FD for developerASE40543101001
VAS 6154/2Base stationASE40543300000
VAS 6154/3Y-type USB cableASE40543400000
VAS 6154/4AUSB moduleASE40543501000
VAS 6154/5Wireless network moduleASE40544000000
VAS 6154/6Adhesive labelASE40543700000
VAS 6154/7LAN moduleASE40543800000
VAS 5055/4AdapterASE40525800000
VAS 5055/3USB connection cable 5mASE40525600001
VAS 5055/1USB connection cableASE40525600000
VAS 5054ARemote diagnosis headASE40525001001
VAS 5054A/1USB cableASE40525100001
VAS 5054/1USB cableASE40525100000
VAS 5053/12Diagnosis cable for LT2ASE40522200000
VAS 5053/3Diagnosis cableASE40521300000
VAS 5052/11Touchscreen penASE40517500000
VAS 6103/2Adapter for update programmingASE40516300000
VAS 6103Diagnosis connection cable RS-232ASE40516100000
VAS 6017BK-cable adapterASE40516002000
VAS 5051/5ADiagnosis cableASE40507800000
VAS 5051/6BDiagnosis cable, 5mASE40507901000
VAS 5051/25Image drum unit (610ex)ASE40507100000
V.A.G 1551/1ADiagnosis cableASE44130100000
V.A.G 1551/5BLT Diagnosis cableASE44130200000
V.A.G 1551/7Adapter cableASE40155600000
V.A.G 1551/8Adapter cableASE40155500000
VAS 5051/53AToner (B4600)ASE33300500000