Workshop equipment | Discontinued parts February 2015

VAG / VASDesignationOrder numberReplacement
V.A.G 1731/3Miller 8mmASE32903000000VAS 882 001/3
VAS 6244Model-specific clamping plate LK5x130ASE42206300000No replacement
VAS 6380AA/C service station with flushing deviceASE41006001000VAS 6380B
VAS 6380/10AAir conditioning service stationASE41006801000VAS 6380B
VAS 6381AA/C service station with flushing deviceASE41007001000VAS 6381B
VAS 6381/10AAir conditioning service stationASE41008001000VAS 6381B
VAS 6495Scissor-type wheel alignment lifting platformASE45402600000No replacement
VAS 6614BAssembly tool for PDC holderASE41217602000VAS 6614C
VAS 6746Air conditioning service stationASE41009500000VAS 6746A
VAS 6751Scissor-action lifting platformASE45402900000No replacement
VAS 6888Windscreen removal setASE48127100000VAS 861 001
VAS 6888/1Cutting cordASE38127200000VAS 861 001/1
VAS 6905Calibration systemASE48542500000VAS 6905A
VAS 6517Trolley with vertical perforated board frame, without perforated boardsASE46587401000No replacement
VAS 6515Trolley with angled perforated board frame, without perforated boardASE46587201000No replacement
VAS 6513Tool tower, open, without perforated boardsASE46587001000No replacement
VAS 6558/17High-voltage test adapterASE40538301000VAS 6558/17A
VAS 6558/18High-voltage test adapterASE40538401000VAS 6558/18A