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FAQs for EU-5 VAS diagnostics software


1. To whom should I turn for questions about the installation of the software?
To Siemens: Tel. +49 (0)721 595 - 4308 (this support is not free of charge and is charged via AVC card. For more information and prices, visit the following address: Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 4:00pm

2. Who helps me with the handling of the diagnostic software?
For questions about the application of the software, please also contact Siemens.

3. Why do I need an operation no.?
The operation no. (also called the customer number) is a fixed component of the software. If you make changes to particular control units, these are documented in this control unit with your operation no.

4. Use of virus scanners
The use of a virus scanner is recommended. The installation and maintenance of anti-virus software on your hardware is your own responsibility.